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EP 158: Immortal Iron Fist

Jun 12, 201644 minutes

Patrick and Dad get down on some Marvel kung-fu action with Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and David Aja’s Iron Fist saga. Dad is perplexed and delves into ranting against Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren, Patrick finds a new favorite series. Next Week: Mother Come Home

EP 147: Batman V Superman One Shots

Apr 3, 201638 minutes

Dad V Superman.

EP 146: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Mar 27, 201649 minutes

Patrick and Dad invite Bill from The Great Albums Podcast to discuss Bryan Lee O’.Malleys second volume of Scott Pilgrim. Bill explains music to Dad. Patrick tries to explain comics and Dad gets geopolitical. Next Week Superman Annual 11 For the Man Who

EP 145: Daredevil: Devil Inside and Out

Mar 20, 201640 minutes

Dad returns and reads Daredevil: Devil Inside and Out from writer Ed Brubaker and artist Michael Lark. Patrick tries to explain superhero comic book writer’s passing storylines and continuity. Dad eats an apple fritter and promises to watch Daredevil o

EP 143: Punisher MAX :Born

Mar 6, 201646 minutes

Patrick shares one of his favorite series of the last decade with a four-issue comic book limited series written by Garth Ennis, illustrated by Darick Robertson, and published by Marvel Comics through the MAX imprint in 2003. Dad drops so information on

EP 142: American Vampire

Feb 28, 201638 minutes

Dad sits back down with some horror comics this week with the first volume of Vertigo’s American Vampire. Patrick wonders how much King is in this? Dad gets the concept of worldbuilding explained and confusion reigns in retelling the plot. Next Week: P

EP 141: Deadpool

Feb 21, 201636 minutes

Patrick and Dad talk some serious family news. Dad tries to comprehend Deadpool, Patrick blathers about Bugs Bunny, word balloons and breaking the fourth wall. Patrick tries to explain the comic art market to Dad and threatens to buy him some comic comm

EP 139: Winter Soldier: The Bitter March

Feb 7, 201638 minutes

Patrick gets Dad to read one if his favorite Marvel mini series in the past few years, Winter Soldier: The Bitter March. Writer, Rick Remender, and artist Roland Boschi tell the tale of a Swinging 1960’s Secret agent Ran Shen of S.H.I.E.L.D. sent to co

EP 138: Batman Earth One

Jan 31, 201640 minutes

Dad gets a different take on his favorite superhero Batman, with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s alternate take on Batman in Earth One. Patrick once again attempts to explain the multiverse to Dad and DC publishing. Dad wants to know if Batman is a really

EP 137: Sandman Mystery Theatre

Jan 24, 201642 minutes

Listener request month bangs on with listener Josh’s suggestion of Sandman Mystery Theatre. First, Dad is exposed to some upcoming comic book film trailers of Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Patrick explains the Vertigo comic imprint concept to Dad

EP 136: Asterios Polyp

Jan 17, 201643 minutes

Did Patrick and Dad just read a romance comic? Asterios Polyp from cartoonist David Mazzuchelli is discussed in depth thanks to listener suggestion via AR from Australia. Dad and Patrick spoil the hell out of the book as they breakdown the breathtaking

EP 134: Astro City Vol 1

Jan 3, 201643 minutes

Listener request month begins with a request from Bill a listener and podcast co-host of the Great Albums Podcast. Dad does not quite understand all of Astro City but really enjoyed the Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson creation. Patrick is minimal frustra

EP 133: Bone Vol 4 Dragon Slayer

Dec 27, 201528 minutes

Dad saves the day by fixing plumbing issues at Patrick's house. Dad breaks down the fourth volume in the Jeff Smith’s masterpiece Bone. The duo discuss Jeff Smith’s amazing use of perspective and negative space in his art. Somehow they also discuss,

EP 132: Christmas Comics Vol 3

Dec 23, 201536 minutes

So Many Mistakes Made

EP 131: Batman Brave and Bold

Dec 20, 201535 minutes

A podcast that is the weekly pursuit to teach my 67 year old father some concept in comics and help explain why I love the medium. Dad ruins everything by reading the wrong comics. Patrick resigned to letting Dad ramble and tell him all about Spider-Man’

EP 130: Superman / Batman Vol 2 Supergirl

Dec 17, 2015

Patrick tells a story about how the clerks at Guitar Center are now fans of Dad. Dad understands a great deal of Superman/Batman Vol 2: Supergirl but forgets most characters names and makes up his own. Dad has some questions about Batman parenting and

EP 129: Cake and Emails

Dec 13, 201524 minutes

The show is almost a no go when Dad drops the ball and never reads Superman/Batman Vol 2: Supergirl. To make matters worse an XLR cable dies and the duo must share a microphone. But they press on reading emails from Bill from the Great Albums podcast, a

EP 128: It Was the War of the Trenches

Dec 6, 201541 minutes

Dad is under the weather but codines and cold medicine help him push through covering Jaci Tardi's It Was the War of The Trenches. Dad and Patrick discuss the work that explores the darkest side of humanity through the French perspective of World War One

EP 127: Scott Pilgrim Vol 1

Nov 29, 201537 minutes

Patrick and Dad dig deep into Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 Precious Little Life. This book is filled with Dad pop culture blind spots of Indie Music, videogame cultures, and comic books. Dad has a grasp on thing but admits this is not someth

EP 126: Dad Visits Comic Book Shop

Nov 26, 201512 minutes

Short roadshow this week. Patrick gives Dad 20 bucks and shoves him into a comic book shop. Dad explains the “horrors” he witnessed in the shop and the books he bought off the shelves. Next Week:: Scott Pilgrim

EP 125: Doctor Strange the Oath

Nov 22, 201544 minutes

The duo discuss Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s 2007 Doctor Strange mini series the Oath. Patrick examples the hierarchy of superhero characters, A, B and D included. Patrick reads the casting of the Marvel Film coming 2016 and Dad has a mixed and

EP 123: Star Wars Shattered Empire

Nov 8, 201549 minutes

Dad wants more Ewoks and donuts

EP 122: The Walking Dead

Nov 1, 201555 minutes

The Walking Dad Knows Star Wars

EP 121: B.P.R.D 1946

Oct 25, 201543 minutes

Count Vampire of Sweden

EP 120: Batman Death of the Family

Oct 18, 201551 minutes

This is one of those shows

EP 118: War of Worlds

Oct 11, 201555 minutes

From Sweden With Love

Ep 117: The Flash and The Rogues

Oct 5, 201552 minutes

Mistakes Were Made

EP 116: Justice League International

Sep 27, 201553 minutes

EP 113 : Parker the Hunter

Sep 6, 201566 minutes

EP 112: The Authority #13-20

Aug 30, 201556 minutes

EP 111: Spider-Man 2099

Aug 24, 201554 minutes

EP 110: Unwritten Vol 1

Aug 17, 201564 minutes

EP 109 : Batman Year One

Aug 9, 201559 minutes

EP 108 : Wolverine Enemy of the State

Aug 2, 201551 minutes

EP 107 : Ministry of Space & Crecy

Jul 27, 201559 minutes

EP 106: Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil

Jul 20, 201562 minutes

EP 105: Gotham Central #12-15

Jul 13, 201552 minutes

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