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Patrick Corcoran is a guest on Make Dad Read Comics

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EP 74: Marche Du Nain Rouge

Mar 1, 201630 minutes

Patrick invites co-founder and organizer, Francis Grunow, of Detroit’s Marche Du Nain Rouge on the show. Francis gives some historical background of the Marche, Red Dwarfs and Detroit. He also explains what it takes it put on a parade, festival, and rally from scratch.

EP 66: Smedley Butler & Captain America

Dec 31, 201566 minutes

Patrick goes solo and tells the tale of General Smedley Butler, the marine who went from super solider to outspoken critic of the military industrial complex. From his roots as a son of Quakers to the man that exposed the plot to overthrow FDR. Things a

EP 56: We Are the Real Monsters

Oct 28, 201568 minutes

Doctor Mengele and Lex Luthor Mashup

EP 119: DC Comics Legacy Talk

Oct 14, 2015113 minutes

Graduate Level Comics

EP 53 : Esports Ludology

Oct 13, 201585 minutes

Patrick is AAA

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