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EP 135: Sin City Vol 1

Jan 10, 201631 minutes

Frank Miller’s Sin City Listener request month continues with a suggestion from long time listener and prolific emailer Juan. Dad is in love with Frank Miller’s artwork from the 1990’s. Turns out Dad my be a black and white comic snob and Patrick is just a snob. Dad gets a breakdown of how Dark Horse Presents was an anthology that spawned series like Sin City, and Hellboy. Snow and winter is hated on and Dad eats a Wunderbar as a the treat of the week. Next Week : Listener AR’s request of Asterios Polyp

EP 27: Alternate History Class

Mar 5, 201583 minutes

EP 18: Is Ignorance Bliss?

Nov 2, 201458 minutes

EP 9: Modern Renaissance Man

Sep 1, 201453 minutes

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